Obscure Solutions sponsor Oundle under 12s football team
Obscure Solutions proudly announce that the group of companies has agreed to sponsor Northamptonshire’s Oundle under 12s football team.

Alex Anderson, Obscure Solutions's Marketing Director, said “As an organisation we wanted to give something back to the local community that has supported us for the last 8 years, we also wanted to promote fair play and sporting acumen within the youth teams.”

One unusual thing about the sponsorship is that the new kit provided by Obscure Solutions will not only carry the company logo on the front but also each player will have a motivational word embroidered on their shoulder. Words such as:







Alex hopes that these words will inspire the players, and others, to think about behaviour, sportsmanship and team spirit; all things that will benefit them both on and off the pitch. One of the things that encouraged Obscure Solutions to sponsor the team was that last season Oundle under 12s won the team fair play award for the league.