Touchbase deploy Acumen across the globe
Obscure Solutions has now completed a global deployment of Acumen itís advance time, expense and resource management solution for Touchbase the UKís leading supplier of Cisco solutions and the first master of converged communication solutions in Europe.

Touchbase have a large number of specialist consultants and engineers operating across the globe and needed to carefully monitor their utilisation and recharge for their customer activity. The fact they operate in a pan-European and global environment dictated that any solution chosen would need to cope with multiple time zones, multiple currency and map skills and provide a singular view of activity from anywhere in the world.

After extensive research in the market Touchbase chose the Acumen solution.

The single Acumen solution is used by Touchbase in the UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore and across the United states.

Acumen has significantly enhanced the efficiency of the Touchbase professional services team across the globe and is being expanded to the rest of the organisation.

Jon Baker, Obscure Solutionsís chief developer, was keen to point to the deployment as a perfect example of how Acumenís ability to span multiple countries in real-time can significantly improve an organisation's operational effectiveness and maximise the utilisation of valuable staff resource.