Obscure Solutions help BGL to manage internal costs
Obscure Solutions has concluded a major implementation of their Acumen solution with BGL (formerly Budget Insurance Group). Following extensive trials, BGL settled on using the Acumen solution to measure and manage the time and activity of the group IT function within Budget.

Jon Ardron, group director of BGL, said “As an organisation BGL make a large number of changes, Obscure Solutions's help has allowed us to get hold of that change and make effective use of our internal IT resources”.

Jon Baker, Head of Development for Obscure Solutions, said “The implementation at BGL is of huge strategic importance to Obscure Solutions. The choice of Acumen by BGL was hard won against significant competition who were unable to match the flexibility and ease of use of the Obscure Solutions solution”.

BGL are now expanding Acumen across the organisation.

BGL provide services for Marks & Spencer, Bradford and Bingley, Post Office and many other brands.